Learn How to Tattoo

In 5 days you will learn tattoo techniques, how to create a portfolio and you will be ready to start your apprenticeship in a tattoo studio!

Certificate on completion of the course
One on one communication
Daily practice
Small classes
Lectures from a professional tattoo artist with 12 years of experience
In 5 days
you will learn
Health and safety in a tattoo environment
Cross contamination
PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
Cleaning products and equipment
Tattoo Licensing
Preparing the client before tattoo session
Tattoo styles
Apprentice’ portfolio
Tattoo portfolio
Drawing tattoo flash
Stencilling using thermal copier
Stencilling by hand
Types of tattoo machines
Choosing tattoo needles
Needle depth in the skin
Set up coil tattoo machine
Set up rotary tattoo machine
Set up tattoo station
Break down tattoo station
Preparing client for stencilling
Tattoo technique ‘Lines’
Tattoo technique ‘Black and Grey Shading’
'Colour packing' technique
How to choose materials and equipment and where to purchase it
And also:
  • You will find out how to correctly apply your design on to different parts of the body and what mistakes to avoid on this stage.
  • You will learn how to hold a tattoo machine depending on the technique for successful healing results and so the tattoo looks great as it ages.
  • You will watch in real life tattooing and can ask questions about the process.
  • You will learn how to communicate with a client as a professional.
  • You will build a portfolio that will be accepted in any tattoo studio around the world
Also Included as Part of Academy 58’s Tattoo Course:
A cover letter template help you apply for an apprenticeship
Links to important organisations you will want to know about as a tattoo artist, as well as where to register as a company or sole proprietor
Sample of a consent form that you can use for your clients
An Academy 58 workbook with the most critical course information as a reference guide and to keep inspiring you
A CPD certificate of Academy 58 course completion
Surprise bonus that only students of the course will find out about!
After you
finish the course
Course is built this way so it can; get you prepared for the interview, learn about tattoo technique, fix any mistakes, put your portfolio together etc. In a small group we can spend plenty of time with everyone and even add information that is not in the program of the course too.
Will have structured knowledge that are lacking those who are learning on their own without a mentor.

You will save hundreds of hours by trying to learn everything on your own.
You will fix common mistakes in tattoo techniques (if you are already tattooing).

You will learn how to work in each tattoo technique from scratch even if you have never used a tattoo machine before.

You will gain a great confidence in yourself for being a great candidate as a tattoo apprentice because you will be confident in your own worth as a professional.

You will prepare your portfolio so out of other candidates for an apprenticeship tattoo studio would choose you.

You will get answers to any questions you may have.

But most important you will get one step closer to your dream: become highly paid tattoo artist with a recognised name.
What You Can Expect Day-to-Day?
Аcademy 58’s tattoo course is designed for small groups 5-6 people and takes place over five days (Monday-Friday, 10AM-5PM). The course will be broken down into two parts – theory and practical. The practical component will take 3-4 hours each day after your lunch break, with plenty of teas, coffees, and KitKats in between!
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 1
• Introduction
• Health and Safety & Hygiene
• Cross contamination awareness
• Tattoo artists & client psychology
• Tattoo portfolio
• Guidance to drawing up your tattoo flash
• Drawing up your tattoo flash
Day 2
  • How to stencil your design
  • Types of tattoo machines
  • Types of needles
  • Tattoo machine maintenance
  • How to choose needles
  • Depth of needle in the skin
  • How to setup tattoo machine
  • How to setup tattoo station
  • Tattooing on a fake skin
  • How to break down tattoo station
Day 3
  • Apply stencil on different body parts
  • How to make lines
  • How to use machine to make different lines
  • Set up tattoo station
  • Set up tattoo machine
  • Line technique
  • Shading techniques
  • Break down station
Day 4
  • Colour packing
  • What needles to use
  • What machine is appropriate
  • How to choose the colours
  • Set up tattoo station
  • Set up tattoo machine
  • Apply stencil on fake skin
  • Colour packing
  • Break down your station
Day 5
  • First part of the day - watching Dika tattooing a client
  • Written Test
  • Write down any questions your may have
  • All questions answered
  • Portfolio guidance
  • Technique guidance
Academy 58 will provide you with ALL the materials you need,
including high-quality tattoo equipment and inks, so you can enjoy the very best learning experience possible!
We recommend bringing an iPad, laptop, or notepad to take notes, as well as a drawing pad. And if you have your portfolio, bring this along too.
Are you...
Then this course is DEFINITELY for you and ANYONE who is passionate about tattoos and can see themselves creating beautiful artwork on skin as a career!
…A noob with zero knowledge of tattooing, but you want to launch your career in the industry?

…Starting from the very beginning, and you want the right coaching from the get-go so you don’t make any rookie mistakes?

…Wanting to learn the basics of tattoos (maintenance of instruments, what needles are best to use, how to apply a tattoo stencil, do cover-ups, and more)?

…An artist-in-the-making with a theoretical understanding of tattooing, but needs practical experience to build your technical skills and take your knowledge to the next level?

…An apprentice who would like to improve your portfolio to land a gig with a new tattoo studio?

…In the process of building your portfolio, and you want to make it stand out from the crowd?

…In need of a mentor after trying to tattoo on your own, and would like advice from a pro?
How Much Does the Academy 58 Tattoo Course Cost?
The total cost of the course is only £1100. We say ‘only’ because we are confident that what you walk away with will be far more valuable than £1100. The information we share with you – together with the materials provided AND the skills you receive – is an investment (especially considering tattoo artists make £30k-60k a year!). If you split £1100 across 5 days, you pay just £220 per day for Dika’s PRICELESS industry experience. An absolute bargain!
If you would like to leave a deposit to secure your spot please message us directly.
We only run the course with 5-6 people maximum, meaning we spend plenty of time with each student to ensure we teach you what YOU need to achieve your tattoo goals!
Book your spot
Why do you have to choose
Dika O’Real as your tattoo mentor?
  • Tattoo artist, businesswoman, tattoo mentor and a founder of Studio 58 and Academy 58.
  • She has started her career from scratch, when there were no tattoo courses available. Everything she teaches she has practiced herself too.
  • 12 years in a tattoo industry, worked in Ireland, UK, Latvia, Denmark, Switzerland and Australia.
  • 9 years running her own tattoo studio. She knows how to create business that is strong even during economic crisis.
  • 2 diplomas in Art.
  • Certified Life coach.
  • She knows how for a beginner tattoo artist to start earning 40+k a year two years into their career.
Megan Rae ‘20
Having Dika O’Real as my mentor throughout my tattoo apprenticeship has been invaluable. She is always forthcoming with any advice, tips and tricks. She always given honest and constructive feedback that has not only helped me develop my skills in tattooing, but has made me a better artist overall.
I had felt held back in my career before working with Dika. I constantly improve which has helped me to overcome some confidence issues.
Abbie Johnston ‘19
Dika supplied me with so much it helped me progress, giving me constant pointers to work yet still allowing me develop my own style and techniques.
Before starting an apprenticeship the tattoo world seemed a terrifying place to get into, I wanted to tattoo more than anything but it was very intimidating to me. Now I’ve been tattooing for 5 years I’ve definitely progressed, but I am still always learning and growing. I love my job and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved so far but I’ll never stop pushing myself further!
Alex Stockwell ‘22
Despite knowing little about the craft of tattooing upon entering my apprenticeship, Dika has mentored me in all aspects practical, and artistic. Pushing me creatively as well as showing me all I need to know about the technical application, theory and social side of the industry. I am so excited for my future, and to continue pushing my work under the incredible guidance of my mentor.
I could not have come this far in such a short amount of time without Dika’s help!
Often asked questions.
Answering Dika, your future mentor.
We are certified!
Address: 3 Kinmont Arcade, Fisher street, Carlisle, CA3 8RF, United Kingdom
01228 319503
Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm